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      The Scalp & Blade fraternity was founded in 1893 at Cornell University by a group of young men who attended Cornell University from Buffalo, New York and surrounding Erie County. These young men, sparked with enthusiasm by Howard O. Cobb, were desirous of forming a society which would serve to bring together all of the Buffalo men at Cornell and keep them together whenever they returned to Buffalo.

      The nineteenth century saw an explosion of college fraternities.  While most organizations looked to ancient Greece for inspiration, these men decided to honor what they knew of an ancient culture native to New York state.  



      This fraternity met with immediate success at Cornell. With Buffalo's ascension as a major American city of that era, its young men spread out to colleges and universities across the United States. The idea of this fraternity appealed to them and independent organizations were soon set up at other campuses. Over 30 Scalp & Blade organizations were founded as far flung as Yale in the east, Michigan in the midwest, Illinois in the west and south to Alabama. In 1911 the Graduate Chapter was formed in Buffalo for the purpose of coordinating and directing the activities of these undergraduate chapters. On January 6, 1921 the Scalp & Blade was incorporated under the laws of New York State.

        The second-half of the twentieth century saw a decline in both the city of Buffalo's stature and the college fraternity system.  Being intimately involved in both, the Scalp and Blade's fortunes declined.  During that period all of the undergraduate chapters closed and the Scalp and Blade now only exists as an alumni organization. 

      It is of interest to note that over 3,000 Buffalo area college graduates, many of whom are outstanding in business, professional and civic leaders, have been or are, active members of Scalp & Blade.



        To the present day, one of the most important functions of the Scalp & Blade is the annual awarding of scholarships to deserving high school graduates. It is intended that those awards will allow the recipient to attend the college of their choice with greater financial freedom. The original scholarship fund has now grown to nearly $500,000 and over $20,000 is dispersed in grants each year.

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     We extend a warm welcome to all of the college men in western New York to learn more about us. Regardless of your college or profession, you will find a Scalp & Blader with whom you will have a lot in common. 

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